Balmex Diaper Rash Cream 4OZ (Pack of 16)

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Balmex Diaper Rash Cream 4OZ (Pack of 16) Description

The same enzymes that naturally help your baby with digestion can irritate skin when they get passed through to a dirty diaper. Balmex protects against these irritating enzymes while also protecting from wetness and chafing. Its complete protection formula not only prevents rash but also helps heal an existing rash quickly by preventing the enzymes from aggravating the rash further. In fact, Balmex has been clinically proven to reduce diaper rash in just one diaper change. Balmex contains the #1 doctor recommended ingredient for the treatment of diaper rash plus Vitamins B5 and E to soothe irritated skin. It goes on smoothly allowing for gentle application and removal. If baby’s skin is irritated, excessive wiping can hurt, so easy removal is important for baby’s comfort.

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